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Start your journal with a text editor that conforms to you. Squibler makes journaling easy.



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A safe online journal is a must-have for those looking to keep track of their thoughts. Get your online journal started with a structured way proven to help clarify your thoughts. Squibler is the only tool you’ll need.

How to Write a Journal Entry in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up on Squibler for free
  2. Choose a journal entry template or start a new draft
  3. Start ideating around what should be in your journal
  4. Write and edit your entries accordingly

The Best Journal App for Your Writing Process

Journaling can help clarify your thoughts and inspire you. From day one of the journey to day one hundred, you'll get an extra spark every time you make an entry. But isn’t keeping a journal time-consuming and expensive? Not with Squibler. Our easy-to-use journaling app will ensure you're one step closer to keeping consistent entries.

Organize Faster

Easy drag and drop organization for all your journal entries. Start writing creatively in your new diary app.

Journaling like a Pro

Squibler stores your notes, journal entries, and crushes writer's block. Moreover, Squibler provides custom text formatting to keep your entries personalized to you.


Plot Easier

Choose from over 30+ journal templates to organize your notes and stories. Something your word processor wishes it had.

Distraction-Free Journaling

Use Squibler to write your first journal entry on Windows, Mac, and even your ipad. Squibler syncs with ios, Android, and your apple computer.

  • squibler-drag-and-dropDrag and Drop
    Drag and drop your journal entries and notes. No more manual copy and pasting.
  • squiber-on-screen-sidebarStore
    Store all your entries safely with password protection and military strength encryption. Label them by date, day, and more.

Your Digital Journal, Customized for You

Use outlines that the best journal writers use. These outlines make mind mapping easy and put you on track to reach your word count and consistency goals.

Squibler Calendar View

Want to view your journal entries by date and time. That's easy with the Squibler calendar view.


Dark Mode

Squibler enables you to write in dark mode to help you focus on getting your journal entries written.



Automatic Syncing with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Desktop

Because Squibler syncs with your cloud storage, you can ensure your diary entries are safe.


You Writing, Always 'Saved'

With version control, even if your laptop gets thrown in a volcano, know that your writing is safe. Squibler saves each and every word as you type.


Designed for Clarity

Most online journal apps weren't designed to be customized by you. Squibler is fitted to your ideal experience. So whether you want a dream journal, daily gratitude journal, or five minute journal, Squibler is for you.



Import Your Existing Journal

Already have your first journal entry done? Import your entry into Squibler. It takes less than a minute.



Love it. It's an easy way to keep my thoughts organized.

- Karina Whitmore

Just what I was looking for. A place to enable my creative inspiration to get my journaling done.

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